Blogging Worries

Hey, I feel like I constantly do posts like this about being gone for a little while. I'm getting very close to the end of college now so I've been just focusing on all of those deadlines etc lately so I haven't been posting on anything really. I've also realised that I haven't uploaded to... Continue Reading →

Disney Tag

Hey all, If you didn't know already I love Disney so I thought what a perfect tag to do than the Disney tag! Hope you enjoy! Favourite Animal - A lion, especially Simba! Favourite Character - Belle Favourite Classic - Beauty and the Beast Favourite Hero - Aladdin or Eugene Favourite Heroine - Mulan or... Continue Reading →


Hey all, This is going to a really long post so please get comfy with a cup of tea and enjoy haha! As a lot of you will know I was in Holland last week with my college and got home last Sunday! I have to say the trip made me fall in love with... Continue Reading →


Hey there, Today is a fairly quick one because as your reading this I am on my way home from Holland so stay tuned for next week. It will be my first travel blog and I am very excited for it so I hope you are too! This week I thought I'd leave you ten... Continue Reading →

We Need to Talk…

Hey guys, So as the title suggests this is a very serious topic so if you don't want to read something serious feel free to avoid. Something has been happening a lot where I live lately and I feel like I need to talk about it so here it goes. First of all though I... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Hey all, First of all I want to say Happy Easter to all who celebrates it and I hope you've all had a great day whether you celebrate it or not! Now massive apologies for take another massive break completely randomly. I've had an overwhelming amount of college work that was completely stressing me out... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Sex

Hey there, I know, I mentioned the s word didn't I? It's a subject that people get embarrassed talking about and I have to admit I used to be the same so don't be ashamed I just think it's something that should be talked about more. Lately I have been watching a load of YouTube... Continue Reading →

New Hobby

Hey all, So there is something I have started lately that I thought not many people have heard of and because this week has been completely manic I thought I would write a super quick post about it to share it with you all and maybe make you want to go out and give it... Continue Reading →

My Little Fur Family

Hey there, So I thought today I would show you my little fur family. I shouldn't call them that really because I also have a turtle and he does not have any fur haha! I decided I would just introduce you to them and tell you a bit about them as I always go to... Continue Reading →

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