My Little Fur Family

Hey there,

So I thought today I would show you my little fur family. I shouldn’t call them that really because I also have a turtle and he does not have any fur haha! I decided I would just introduce you to them and tell you a bit about them as I always go to mention them in my updates but then I realise you don’t know who is who. So here they all!


This is Travis. He is a 6 year old Labrador who we rescued when he was 7 months old. We don’t really know a lot about his history just that the only reason he was given up was because his owner was taken ill. He was a complete surprise for me my mum didn’t even tell me she was looking or anything. I remember just going to school coming back and when I opened the door he just bounded over to me super excited. I completely adored him straight away and actually ended up staying off from school the next day oops haha! He is a super cuddly boy and always wants attention. He is scared of fireworks and thunder but it gets managed with a jumper and turning the TV a bit more and some cuddles. He has been to a couple just local fun shows and the judges often fall in love with him because he is just so loving. He loves to chase laser lights, go fur runs and he also enjoys training. He knows all the usual commands and is currently learning some commands that will help me with my PTSD just for when we are out. This is also a part of my college project. He often sits like an old man in the corner of the sofa which makes me laugh and I’ll be sure to include a picture below!


This is Piglet. She is 7 years old and was one of three from her litter, we also have her brother but we will talk about him later haha! She is a princess, if it’s raining or the ground is wet she will decide to stay in the house and if we don’t have the litter tray on hand we can be in trouble haha! If you stroke her on her terms she can sometimes be off with you but then you can walk past her and she will meow and paw you to pay her attention. She will only eat out of her bowl and if we accidentally give hers to her brother she will just push him out the way whereas he is not bothered. She also has this thing where she will lick and gently nibble your finger which she has done since she was a kitten. Also if you reach your arms out to her and she wants to be picked up she will go onto her back legs which I find hella cute. She is never usually too far away from me which is actually pretty funny because she was supposed to be my mum’s cat oops!  She is a typical cat though and since we live by woods she often brings back voles and the odd bird if she is smart enough which can be gross but its just their natural behaviours kicking in. We have had litter of cats by her but she is now spayed. I have a couple of funny stories about her which I’m sure I can do a post about them if people are interested.

This is Tigger, Piglet’s brother. Tigger of course is 7 years old and is the complete opposite of his sister really. He is usually outside most of the day and comes in to stay overnight and then will go out again after food in the morning. The only animal he has ever brought in has been frogs and he tends to just bring them in still live jumping around the house and then will just leave again. I find it pretty funny and unusual but my mum does not as she is scared of frogs haha! He is super gentle and whereas Piglet wants attention often he prefers to just be close to you which I find sweet. They both spend a lot of their time in my room with me as they aren’t too keen on the dog as he just wants to play bless him. If I ever leave anything in the car Tigger often comes with me because parking is terrible where I live so I tend to have to walk a little way for the car. He will follow me all the way to the car, sit whilst I get whatever it is I wanted out and then will walk back with me. I often laugh because he tends to have a better recall than my dog haha! Not everyone gets to see his loving side so much because he is only really loving once he has got to know you and then he will also meow when you talk to him. They get on pretty well together, they often are found cuddled up together or grooming each other which is really sweet but they can also annoy each other and have a bit of a fight but it’s never anything major.


This is Cina. I’m going to leave it pretty short for her because I feel like I told you a lot about her in the breakthrough post I did so please go check that out if you want to know more about her! She can be sweet but she also can just growl and lunge at you when you put your hand in her cage. We aren’t too sure why this is so if anyone has any ideas please do let me know below. She is a Neverland Dwarf though and some people say that sometimes rabbits of that breed are just like that. She is currently hating this weather and I’m looking at getting her a new hutch because I really don’t like the one she is in. She gets on really well with Piglet and will literally follow her everywhere when she is out which is sweet but I would never trust them alone together as they are both so tempermental haha!

This is Tom. Not so many pictures of  him as he barely stays still long enough for me to get a decent picture haha! So I got him quite out of the blue really, I went to a rescue centre to have a look around an my Dad was also looking as he was thinking about a cat. My hamster had died a couple of months before we went so I had a spare cage so decided to have a look at the hamsters. None of the hamsters had been there that long and already had a lot of interest in them so I knew they wouldn’t have been there that long so I also looked at the mice. I had never had mice before because mum never liked them but I knew how to look after them etc through dealing with them at college so I knew I would be okay. They introduced me to Tom and told me that he had been brought in because the owner couldn’t deal with all the mice he had. They also explained to me that not a lot of interest had been shown for him due to the fact he had a little tumour on his neck which was completely benign and wasn’t bothering him at all. This broke my heart because he seemed like a super sweet little guy and so I said I would take him. I don’t know his exact age I just know he is said to be over 1 but he is really friendly. He loves being handled and coming out in his ball and he is just super lovely.


Last we have Timmy. I don’t know how old he is but he is a yellow bellied  slider turtle and was given to us by an old friend. We were quite happy by this because the tank they had him in was awful and had barely any water in so all the years he had been with them her had never been able to swim. We managed to get him a bigger cage and set his enclosure up far better than he had and he almost had to lean to swim all over again because he was super weak. He is now in an okay size tank for him but I feel like we will need to get him a bigger one and he seems happier. He spends most of his time swimming but you also often can find him basking at the top of his tank. His diet is slowly being expanded to eating things like meat, fish and veg which he seems to enjoy most of but it’s being done very slowly. We had never owned a turtle or anything before so it was a complete new experience for us but we have had him for about 3 and a half years now.


I’d love to know what pets you have down below so please do leave a comment if you have any and if you don’t what pets would you love to have?

Katie x


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