New Hobby

Hey all,

So there is something I have started lately that I thought not many people have heard of and because this week has been completely manic I thought I would write a super quick post about it to share it with you all and maybe make you want to go out and give it a go! Sorry that lately some posts haven’t been great, I’m working on it but life has been really crazy haha!

Clubbercise. What is clubbercise you say? Clubbercise is what we like to call a night out without the alcohol. Me, my friend, my mum and my mum’s friend started just two weeks ago and we absolutely love it! It is basically aerobics, with classic club tunes and glow sticks. Who doesn’t love glowsticks? We go for an hour every Monday as a good way to keep fit and lose a bit of weight in the process.

When we went I was super nervous because I have anxiety and it makes things like going to the gym tricky because I feel like people are watching me and that I look silly. However, with clubbercise the lights are off and then you have the glow sticks and disco lights so no one can really see you so you can really relax into it and give it your all. For me, since I used to be a dancer, dancing is one thing that makes me almost shut off from the world and the aerobics with the music makes me feel like I am almost back into that and it was great! I left the dance community when I was about 12 years old because I was competing it did get very bitchy and there was a lot of “My daughter is better than yours” etc and I couldn’t deal with that anymore. I found clubbercise a great fix for this because it is so much more laid back so a good alternative for me right now.

Scared of not being able to keep up? Don’t be! With clubbercise there is someone that you follow at the front and there’s different levels that you can take part in so you can do as much or as little as you want. So one level will be just stepping it and the other will be jumping it if that makes sense? Just increases the activity level if that’s something you feel capable of. The other thing is there are no set breaks, you do it for the full hour and just go and grab a drink whenever you need to but you are advised to keep moving, even if that’s walking on the spot. This is just to keep your muscles warmed up so it is easier for you to get back into it when you are ready.

Our group is completely mixed genders, ages and people with special needs which I find super cute. I think if it seems like this is something you would be into you should definitely give it a go if there is a group near you! What different hobbies do you have that people may not be aware of? Please do let me know in the comments because I love to try new things! If you have any more questions about if please feel free to ask and I will answer as best as I can! Also do let me know if you decide to give it a go!

Katie x


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