Blogging Worries


I feel like I constantly do posts like this about being gone for a little while. I’m getting very close to the end of college now so I’ve been just focusing on all of those deadlines etc lately so I haven’t been posting on anything really. I’ve also realised that I haven’t uploaded to my Instagram in ages even about my blog posts which is shocking haha! I need to get back on a schedule with uploading to all my socials and my blog more so I’m going to be focusing on that once I’ve completely finished.

Enough of the excuses now though I decided today that I wanted to share with you some of my blogging worries. One of them lately has been “what if I run out of things to post about?” I constantly worry that I am running out of ideas and this scares my because I do love writing these posts. I’m not sure why I feel like this because in reality things are always changing and there will always be more to talk about, It gets tough because I will only ever post about the things that I do love or have and interest in because I would love for this to stay fun and not be something I feel I have to do if that makes sense? So I guess that’s two of the worries in one, the pressure to keep it as something fun and if I am running out of things to write about.

Another thing I often worry about is being too open. Sometimes when I have been really open on a post I feel guilty and maybe even regret it a little. I feel like this could be because I don’t want to upset any of you or anything but then I also love being open so I can connect with you more. Almost all the people’s blogs I read they are very open but they seem to have found a balance. How do you find to best balance out being open? Do you over share and not care or do you feel like you have found a nice balance?

These are a couple of blogger worries I’ve been having, have you had anything similar? If so how did you get through it and do you have any advice? I have quite a few exciting plans coming up lately so I’m super excited to do some more diary style blogs and I hope you enjoy them!

What are your favourite styles of blogs?



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