Just A Little Update

Hey all Didn't realise I had no blog post scheduled for today so it's a little late and short so apologies for that! Lately I've had a pretty stressful time at college due to our year long project we have to do for our course. It's a difficult thing because our year are the first... Continue Reading →


Am I Like My Zodiac Sign?

Hey, For me, I have never been one to look into my zodiac sign or my horoscopes at all but whilst speaking to a friend and her telling me that hers is really accurate I was intrigued to see how accurate my would be. Today I thought we could look through it together and see... Continue Reading →

The Buddy Project 

Hey all! Today I decided I wanted to talk about this amazing project I have recently found out about and decided to join up with. As you can probably tell my the title it is called "The Buddy Project". This project has been around since April 2013 and aims to prevent suicide and self harm... Continue Reading →

Guess Who? 

Hey everyone!  Guess who's back, back again! Guess who's back, tell a friend 😉  That's right I'm finally back and feeling so much better! I'm so sorry I was gone so long and I hope that you're all doing great! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate it and the best start... Continue Reading →


Hey, I know what you are probably thinking "You don't upload on Monday's or at this time?". Of course you are right and I know this post is completely out of the blue but I really needed to get something off my chest. I hope no one minds. I'm going to say now to not... Continue Reading →

My Firsts

Hey all, I thought I would just do something super lighthearted and answer a bunch of questions about my "firsts". Lets get into it... What was your first word? Obviously I had no idea what my first word so I had to ask my mum and she said it was "Dada". The weird part about... Continue Reading →


Hey, As you can see from the title I decide to do a post about anxiety and my tips for dealing with it. Many people suffer with anxiety nowadays and in no way am I an expert in it but I thought I would share the things that help me. Tip One One way that... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, I'm sorry today's post was so late I had one blog post planned and ready but then I had a breakthrough and I'm so happy about it I just want to tell everybody! Basically this will be such a little thing to most people but for me it is so big. Ever since... Continue Reading →


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